Wareham Students take PRIDE in their town!!

It’s time for a little Fall cleanup and Wareham’s finest students are ready to pitch in. Recently, DTW has visited both Middle and High School groups to ask for volunteers, explain the importance of litter prevention, discuss the environmental and economic impact of litter on our community, and we even introduced the psychology of littering behavior! The students were attentive and polite and asked plenty of good questions.

So, starting the week of November 16rotc , when you see some of these students around with their white trash bags picking up litter, give them a thumbs up or a shout out or toot your horn!

The Middle School Builders Club decided to clean up the areas around the Middle and High School and athletic fields. They plan to do that a couple of times before the snow arrives.

The High School Code Club will tackle Onset Avenue from Depot Auto to Lopes field and playground.

The JROTC will clean the length of High Street.

The High School Key Club has adopted Minot Avenue from Indian Neck to the Minot Forest School.

And the Junior and Senior Honor Societies (70 students strong!!) have decided to break into groups and work in their neighborhoods and in parks and playgrounds.

Don’t Trash Wareham is proud of these students who Take Pride in Wareham, and we thank them for all their hard work!! We also would like to thank their advisers who will be accompanying them and who allowed us to come and speak tohonor society onset thkey club 1eir groups.