Our thanks to ttrash boxeshe members of Town Meeting who voted to accept the new bylaw relating to Second-Hand Dealers and Collectors.  Wareham has many of these donation containers around town. Unsightly trash and debris dumped beside these charity bins create an unsightly health hazard. Members of Don’t Trash Wareham requested a solution to this problem to the committee who created the bylaw. They included an entire section governing these boxes!! We hope this will solve the problem. (The bylaw must now get approval from the state prior to being enacted. Then the Selectmen must set license fees and fines. By Spring, all should be in place.)

Here is the section of the bylaw: B. Additional requirements: Collection Containers
1. Any person(s), business, entity or organization operating or storing Collection Containers in the Town of Wareham shall be required to obtain a License. Licenses shall only be granted for Collection Containers located in the Strip Commercial or General Commercial Districts as defined by the Wareham Zoning By-Law, as amended, or located on property owned by a charitable or religious entity or the Town of Wareham.
2. Each Collection Container shall have on its exterior surface the name, address and valid phone number of the owner/operator and a permit decal granted and issued by the Board of Selectmen and issued by the Selectmen’s Office. Replacement of missing or defaced permit decals shall be the responsibility of the License holder. The fee for each decal shall be set by the Wareham Board of Selectmen.
3. The owner/operator of the Collection Container and the property owner where the Collection Container is located shall not permit Articles or any other items to be deposited or stored outside Collection Containers. The owner/operator of a Collection Container and the property owner where the Collection Container is located are each jointly and severally responsible for removal of all Articles and
other items deposited in or around the Collection Container. Failure to remove Articles deposited outside a Collection Container after five (5) business days notification by the Chief of Police, Health Agent or Code Enforcement Officer or their designees, shall result in a fine to the owner/operator and/or property owner, disposal fees, and/ or removal of the Collection Container at the owner/operator’s and/or property owner’s expense. Fines and disposal fees shall be determined by the Wareham Board of Selectmen, but in no event shall they exceed the maximum penalty permitted by M.G.L.Ch 40, Section 21.