Day 1: A HUGE Success!

onset trash bags

Thank you to EVERYONE who pitched in today! You are AWESOME! We’ve still got Day 2 for anybody who would like to get involved/help us keep up the momentum! We’ll be adding photos to the website, but for now, check out all the great things happening on Facebook!

Glen Charlie Road into Shangri-La — Anyone know who might be able to help?

At 9 a.m. tomorrow (Sunday), a group will form to continue to tackle Minot Avenue and the Indian Neck area. (THANK YOU to those who assisted on this area today! It was very helpful!) Alan Slavin will be following the group with flashing hazard lights to alert motorists. (Please park at Indian Neck Road/Minot Avenue.) Judy notes: “Bring your grabbers!” — there’s a lot stuck into the brush.

Another group will be on Charlotte Furnace Road if you’d like to join them.

Does anyone have any ideas, comments, suggestions, concerns, or anything else about today that you’d like to pass on to folks who will be working tomorrow? Please, share them on Facebook on this linked post!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU again for participating!