It’s that time of year again! We will be cleaning our streets, parks, beaches and playgrounds over the town-wide cleanup weekend. We are asking last year’s volunteers as well as new volunteers to help us in this cleanup effort! Contact or go to our Facebook page for more information.A BANNER

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For the third year, Don’t Trash Wareham has participated in the state’s COASTSWEEP program. We had 78 volunteers at Little Harbor Beach, Onset and Shell Point Beaches, and Swifts and Swifts Neck Beaches. We collected 160 pounds of litter and debris. Cigarette butts once again topped our list with a total of 3,404. Food wrappers and containers along with small pieces of plastic were runners up for the top prize!

Thanks to all our volunteers who make our cleanups possible!a now beach 2a now beach


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Each year, Don’t Trash Wareham has participated in the state program led by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. The state is part of the International program.

As always, we need volunteers to help us with the cleanup. If you can help at one or more beach, please click the button at the top of the page that says “Send Email” and let us know.

We supply bags and gloves.

beach trash buckets


Here are the dates:

Rain date is September 17
Meet at the parking lot

Rain date is September 24
Meet on the Pier

Rain Date October 1
Meet at the Swift’s Neck Parking lot

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a Plymouth nip pile


Don’t Trash Wareham is currently spearheading a petition drive in support of House Bill 3528 which will add a 5 cent deposit on each nip bottle sold. We believe that nip users will redeem their own bottles and that folks will collect them to redeem for cash as is now done with cans and bottles.  70% of all containers that have a deposit on them are currently redeemed.

Maine is going through the process now. Its House passed the bill with a 111-34 vote and is heading to its Senate. That’s a pretty comfortable margin, so we hope the bill will do as well in MA.

Right now, 31 Representatives and Senators from around our state are co-sponsors of HB3528, so we know we have a lot of support, but signing a petition and/or calling and emailing your local legislators will help.

In Wareham you can sign a petition at the Wareham Free Library at 59 Marion Road or the Spinney Branch Library at 296 Onset Avenue, Onset. Or stop by the Onset Bay Association office to sign. You could also request copies of the petition from Bring a copy to work, to your family, neighborhood, friends etc. to sign. You do not need to live in Wareham to sign our petition as it is a statewide bill.

The photo above was taken by a volunteer in Plymouth after spending 45 minutes during Earth Day cleaning up. The photo below was taken by a group of volunteers in Wareham in a small area during our Earth Day Weekend cleanup.a nip 1


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We at Don’t Trash Wareham would like to thank everyone who was involved in some way during our third annual town-wide cleanup.

The 375+ volunteers worked above and beyond the call of duty, and for that we are so grateful. Students, scouts, families, churches, businesses, civic organizations, teams and individuals spent many hours picking up other people’s litter this past Earth Day weekend, April 22 and 23.

We would like to thank the local stores that donated trash bags for their generosity: Lowe’s Home Improvement, the Home Depot, Stop and Shop, and the 7-11 on Glen Charlie Road.

We also would like to thank the Town Administrator, Board of Selectmen, Harbormaster and Head of Municipal Maintenance for their support and assistance during the cleanup.

The volunteers picked up a tremendous amount of trash and debris and filled up two large dumpsters donated by Covanta/SEMASS to whom we are also very thankful. We also thank the volunteers with pickup trucks who picked up bags and litter and brought them to those dumpsters.

One group of about twenty volunteers in the Shangri-la section of town sent us a comment we would like to share as it exemplifies the community’s efforts: While cleaning,  “a woman came by and brought us a box of Joe and a dozen donuts. A man stopped and gave the guys a bag full of Gatorade. People stopped and took trash bags to the dump for us since they were already going there. Lots of people stopped to thank everyone or honked and waved when passing. It made everyone feel appreciated which goes a very long way.”

We couldn’t have said it any better! Visit our Facebook page to see a photo collection from the cleanup. Thanks for your help and support Wareham and Onset!

From the Don’t Trash Wareham Team

Mary Bruce

Jaime Rehban-Buckminster

Judith Whiteside

Alan Slavin

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a key club pic
Now is the time to commit to helping us Make Wareham Beautiful on April 23 and 24. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, organizations etc. to put together your litter team.

Together, you can pick the day and time over the weekend when you want to go out on litter patrol. The trash on our streets, in our parks and playgrounds, on the beaches and in front of our businesses is at peak level and it looks, well, downright trashy!!! That’s not who we want to be!!

Please email us or message us through FB to let us know what area you plan to attack during the cleanup weekend! Or if you are not sure where to clean, we can help you find an area. Let’s all do this together!

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Wareham Students take PRIDE in their town!!

It’s time for a little Fall cleanup and Wareham’s finest students are ready to pitch in. Recently, DTW has visited both Middle and High School groups to ask for volunteers, explain the importance of litter prevention, discuss the environmental and economic impact of litter on our community, and we even introduced the psychology of littering behavior! The students were attentive and polite and asked plenty of good questions.

So, starting the week of November 16rotc , when you see some of these students around with their white trash bags picking up litter, give them a thumbs up or a shout out or toot your horn!

The Middle School Builders Club decided to clean up the areas around the Middle and High School and athletic fields. They plan to do that a couple of times before the snow arrives.

The High School Code Club will tackle Onset Avenue from Depot Auto to Lopes field and playground.

The JROTC will clean the length of High Street.

The High School Key Club has adopted Minot Avenue from Indian Neck to the Minot Forest School.

And the Junior and Senior Honor Societies (70 students strong!!) have decided to break into groups and work in their neighborhoods and in parks and playgrounds.

Don’t Trash Wareham is proud of these students who Take Pride in Wareham, and we thank them for all their hard work!! We also would like to thank their advisers who will be accompanying them and who allowed us to come and speak tohonor society onset thkey club 1eir groups.

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Our thanks to ttrash boxeshe members of Town Meeting who voted to accept the new bylaw relating to Second-Hand Dealers and Collectors.  Wareham has many of these donation containers around town. Unsightly trash and debris dumped beside these charity bins create an unsightly health hazard. Members of Don’t Trash Wareham requested a solution to this problem to the committee who created the bylaw. They included an entire section governing these boxes!! We hope this will solve the problem. (The bylaw must now get approval from the state prior to being enacted. Then the Selectmen must set license fees and fines. By Spring, all should be in place.)

Here is the section of the bylaw: B. Additional requirements: Collection Containers
1. Any person(s), business, entity or organization operating or storing Collection Containers in the Town of Wareham shall be required to obtain a License. Licenses shall only be granted for Collection Containers located in the Strip Commercial or General Commercial Districts as defined by the Wareham Zoning By-Law, as amended, or located on property owned by a charitable or religious entity or the Town of Wareham.
2. Each Collection Container shall have on its exterior surface the name, address and valid phone number of the owner/operator and a permit decal granted and issued by the Board of Selectmen and issued by the Selectmen’s Office. Replacement of missing or defaced permit decals shall be the responsibility of the License holder. The fee for each decal shall be set by the Wareham Board of Selectmen.
3. The owner/operator of the Collection Container and the property owner where the Collection Container is located shall not permit Articles or any other items to be deposited or stored outside Collection Containers. The owner/operator of a Collection Container and the property owner where the Collection Container is located are each jointly and severally responsible for removal of all Articles and
other items deposited in or around the Collection Container. Failure to remove Articles deposited outside a Collection Container after five (5) business days notification by the Chief of Police, Health Agent or Code Enforcement Officer or their designees, shall result in a fine to the owner/operator and/or property owner, disposal fees, and/ or removal of the Collection Container at the owner/operator’s and/or property owner’s expense. Fines and disposal fees shall be determined by the Wareham Board of Selectmen, but in no event shall they exceed the maximum penalty permitted by M.G.L.Ch 40, Section 21.

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Thanks to the many volunteers who showed up at our three town beaches, Don’t Trash Wareham was able to clean up Swifts and Swifts Neck Beaches, Little Harbor Beach and Onset and Shell Point Beaches on three recent weekends.

Coastsweep is a statewide project of the Coastal Zone Management Division that organizes an annual clean up. We were sent gloves, trash bags and recording forms, and kept careful track of everything we picked up. That information then went back to the state who records the information.

By far, the biggest litter problem on our beaches is cigarette butts. In two-hour periods on each beach, we picked up 825 butts on Swifts, 1,016 on Little Harbor and 2,840 on Onset and Shell Point for a total of 4,681!! Consequently, the Don’t Trash Wareham team went before the Wareham Board of Health to request a smoking ban on all town beaches which they have agreed to do. That’s what we call success!coastsweep

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COASTSWEEP is a project created to clean up the beaches, estuaries, rivers, ponds etc. sponsored by the state of Massachusetts’ Coastal Zone Management. Each year, hundreds of volunteers pick up litter and debris, record it, and send the results to the state. This year, Don’t Trash Wareham has signed up for several areas.


beach trash buckets
Don’t Trash Wareham is looking for volunteers to help clean these beaches and record our findings as part of the Coastal Zone Management study. We provide supplies.

September 19–Swifts Beach from 10 am to noon
September 26–Little Harbor Beach from 10 am to noon
October 3–Onset and Shell Point Beaches from 10 am to finish

EMAIL us at We need an accurate count of volunteers for the study report, so please let us know if you can help! These are OUR beaches and this is OUR community. Let’s TAKE PRIDE in our beaches too!!

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